When Do We Hear the Song? Taylor Swift, Jake Gyllenhaal Split

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Before another rumor circulates on the internet, suggesting that Jake Gyllenhaal spent some un-Godly amount of money on another tacky present for Taylor Swift, we’ve just heard the news that they have broken up!

According to reports, the twosome have called it quits and have decided to start off the New Year single!

A source confirmed the news, saying, “They’re over. It ended last month.” Perhaps he should have bought that $100,000 diamond bracelet for her or that $10,000 guitar???

There hasn’t been any reason given for their split, but I’m sure that there “was no cheating” or “third person” and that “they remain close friends.”

Canned rep-talk blabber for someone dumped the other and she was probably too clingy for him. Even though they were rumored to have spent the holidays together, that’s not true, either. She was in Nashville, solo, while he was hanging out in the Big Apple.

Wow, that didn’t take long at all! I wonder what she’s going to title this song!?


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