Taylor Swift: 'I Have No Idea If I’m Going to Get Married or be Single Forever'


As if she ever stopped, Taylor Swift is once again speaking about her futurerelationships, or lack of one, as she now admits that she may be single forever, or she may get married.  She really isn’t sure.

Swift talks to WonderlandMagazine about what may be in store for her when it comes to romance, stating that she has “no idea” what will occur:

“I’ve kind of realized that I have no idea where I’m going to be next year, or in six months, or in two months. I mean, I know where I’ll be on tour in two months, but no idea where I’m going to be mentally, emotionally, dreams, goals, wishes, hopes. I have no idea if I’m going to get married or be single forever or have a family or just be on my own.”

Swift continues:

“You know, paint in a cottage by the ocean by myself. I just have no idea and I’m kind of into that.”

When Swift is through envisioning paintingportraits of all her former boyfriends by the ocean, she goes on to explain how it feels to have her heartbroken, which seems to occur every few weeks.

“It’s very complex; you’re never feeling just sad. Maybe you wake up and you feel sad, and then you get angry, and then you feel like ‘I’m fine,’ and then you feel confident, and then you feel a sense of doubt, and then you’re insecure, and then there’s jealousy, and then you’re back to sad – and then you feel fine again.”

Swift does do a good job of describing what a person goes through when they have their heartbroken, but based on the number of times we have heard about her breakups it is safe to say, she is kind of a professional on the matter.

What do you think of what Swift had to say about her future? Do you see her being single forever?


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