Sylvester Stallone Hires Private Investigator to Look Into Sage Stallone's Death


If Sylvester Stallone had spent this much time and energy on his son Sage, while he was alive, he probably would still be alive. Sly has hired a famed PI to investigate what really happened to Sage and how Sage died. This is kind of like the estranged parent doing the real killer thing that OJ and Casey Anthony have done. It is nothing but a way to assuage your guilt.

How about that word huh? And in the last post I think I used a semi colon. That whole grammar a day calendar thing is starting to pay off. What is the point of hiring a PI? You know why? Sly wants you to think he really does care. He knows it is also is good for a few more days of publicity. Don't forget that Sly has a movie coming out.

This will give him something to talk about. Not just that his son died, but that he is doing everything he can. That he is on a crusade. That he loved his son. So, it will keep journalists from asking the estranged questions and he can focus on all the things he is doing for his son after death. Those are the key words. After death.


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