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Sylvester Stallone was Allegedly Blackmailed by Abused Sister

At the pinnacle of his popularity in 1987, actor Sylvester Stallone allegedly agreed to a confidential multimillion-dollar settlement with his half-sister Toni-Ann Filiti amidst allegations that he had abused her, according to The New York Post. The settlement was confidential, but papers obtained by The Post’s Page Six show that Stallone agreed to give Filiti $2 million plus $16,666.66 per month for her lifetime, plus a trust with $50,000 per year for psychiatric and medical expenses.

Filiti claimed personal injury, including physical injury according to the papers. Stallone denied any wrongdoing at the time of the settlement and still maintains that stance. No lawsuit was ever filed.

The mother of both children, Jacqueline Stallone, says that Filiti’s allegations were a blackmail attempt by a desperate person.

“This was nothing more than a shakedown,” Jacqueline said yesterday. “Toni-Ann was on 65 Oxycontin pills a day, and she threatened Sylvester. A drug addict will do anything. When Sylvester became famous, she didn’t have to hook. He was trying to help her. He caved in.”

A representative for the famous Hollywood actor agreed with his mother’s opinion.

“Unfortunately, celebrities, politicians and athletes frequently find themselves the targets of blackmail efforts by family members and associates who fabricate claims in order to extort payments from them.”

Filiti’s son Edd claims that his mother is being portrayed as a “black sheep.” He says his mother told him about the abuse allegations prior to her death from lung cancer last August.


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