Susan Sarandon on Tim Robbins Break-Up

She goes there (almost): Susan Sarandon has offered more insight into why her 23-year relationship with Tim Robbins hit the skids.

The Hollywood couple announced their shock split last December.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Sarandon also reveals that she was stunned by fan creation to her break-up.

“People were coming up to me in the street and saying, ‘I cried and I cried when I heard.’ Well, I was sadder. I didn’t think it would ever happen either,” she said.

And as for the $64,000 question…Sarandon says her relationship had just run its course.

“You bring people into your life at certain times,” she added. “Maybe you have a relationship to have children, and you realize that it’s fulfilled after that point.”

She also reveals why she and Robbins never married.

“I’ve always liked the idea of choosing to be with somebody. I thought that if you didn’t get married you wouldn’t take each other for granted as easily. I don’t know if after 20-something years that was still true.”

And on those rumours she’s dating her business partner, Jonathan Bricklin, Sarandon remains suitably tight-lipped.

“You have to have a sense of humor. There are lots of people in my life at the moment,” she says.

“What I’ve realised in my old age is that your relationship with people or with your job has to be a growing organism. It’s not something where you reach a certain point and then you start preserving it. You have to nurture it, you have to stay curious and hungry and foolish. Once you stop doing that you get satisfied and you get stuck.”

Oh, she’s definitely dating him!

Other interview highlights:

On Botox:
“I’m afraid of Botox, As an actress you have to use your face. But I do think a woman has a right to do whatever she wants with her body.”

On getting cougar parts:
“Certainly if there is an older woman/younger guy theme they seem to come to me. I think it’s great that people see me as being multifaceted and still desirable and smart and funny. What more could you ask?”

On her politics:
“I’ve never had anyone come up and say to me, ‘You suck as an actor,’ but I’ve had people say, ‘You commie **t,’ which is shocking when you’re nursing a baby in the middle of the afternoon.”

Read the full interview here.


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