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MMA Fighter Kimbo Slice to Compete on Next "Survivor"

By the looks of things, the 22nd season of Survivor is going to be quite the mix. As more and more of the casting is leaked, I am left scratching my head, wondering where the producers and creative minds are coming up with these people?

Yesterday we found out that Carrie Prejean will be on the island along with Russell Hantz and Boston Rob. This could be very a very interesting dynamic. Now they are adding someone from the other end of the spectrum, MMA fighter Kimbo Slice, a.k.a. Kevin Ferguson. OMG! Can you see him next to Carrie? This could bring on some serious comedy.

Either way, Survivor 22: Redemption Island is going to be anything but dull. The pot will boil over, repeatedly... I promise you that. I can hardly wait.

For tonight’s episode of the current season, they just need to dump NaOnka and all will be well with the world.


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