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Supermodel Brooklyn Decker Says Her Height Scares Men

We should all shed a tear for Brooklyn Decker. In an interview last week, she said it's been tough looking like a supermodel her entire life. Take her height, for example -- it's scared away men her entire life.

Via Contact Music:

Brooklyn Decker thinks men find her scary. The model-turned-actress -- who is married to tennis player Andy Roddick -- says she was never really approached by guys before she tied the knot as she thinks she's too tall for most of them.

She said: "I am very tall and I feel like it is actually quite scary to boys. And I really mean that. I never get approached by people - I think they are scared because they think I will crush them or something."

However, she says Andy wasn't put off by her height and his persistence paid off, revealing: "He was resilient. He called a lot, which deterred me at first, and then for some reason it worked when I called him back. And yeah, it worked."


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