Subway Slammed for Sexy Halloween Costume Ad (Video)


Subway recently aired a commercial featuring a woman wearing various sexy Halloween costumes, thanks to the restaurant's healthy menu.

The outfits in the ad include a viking, schoolteacher, nurse, linebacker and devil (video below).

However, The Hollywood Reporter notes there has been outrage on Twitter where people have accused Subway of being "sexist, misogynistic and sizeist."

According to and The Hollywood Reporter, some of the angry tweets include:

Time out. Hold up. What the hell Subway?! Have y’all seen the Halloween Subway commercial? WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE!?

Just saw the new @SUBWAY commercial shaming people into being "in shape for Halloween costumes". Way to be misogynistic AND sizeist.

So disappointed with @SUBWAY new commercial wants you to keep eating their subs so you can fit into the slutty Halloween costumes. #Subway

Really, @Subway? We should eat your crappy sandwiches so we can look hot in skanky Halloween costumes? REALLY?

I will never eat at @SUBWAY again in protest to this ad. Sexist, stupid and sexist. Did I mention sexist?

The Huffington Post seethed, "While we doubt anyone will take this seriously, the very idea that women have even more things they should be dieting for is pretty gross."

Jezebel called the ad "obviously sexist... stupid and lazy."

Sources: Jezebel, The Huffington Post,, The Hollywood Reporter


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