Online Gambling in New Jersey Could Create Jobs


In the first week of March, New Jersey could become the first state to legalize and regulate online gambling. According to a study by the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association (iMEGA), New Jersey’s decision to do so could create up to 57,000 jobs in the state, as well as significantly increase the amount of gambling income generated in the state.

According to an economic development study issued by iMEGA, the online gambling authorized under the New Jersey gambling would create up to 57,085 direct and indirect jobs in the state. The study found that over half of these, 35,000, will provide high tech jobs, perhaps in the IT departments.

New Jersey’s Senate and General Assembly have both passed the bill that would authorize limited forms of online gambling, and it is now awaiting the signature of Governor Chris Christie. This would authorize online casinos and online poker rooms to be established within the state to accept state residents. This would, unfortunately, not give players access to online sportsbooks sponsored by the state.

New Jersey is, however, attempting to give players sports betting by filing suit against the federal government to bring sports betting to the state.

Governor Chris Christie has four options to enact by March 3rd. He can either veto the bill and kill it entirely, choose a conditional veto that would send the bill back to the legislature for changes, sign the bill into law, or do nothing. Should Christie decide to do nothing, the bill would automatically become law on March 4th.


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