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Student Burns Self To Death, Dad Told Him To Stop Playing Video Games

Hsueh Jun-Chen, 22, reportedly lit himself on fire after his father, Liu, told him to stop playing video games in order to get more sleep.

The incident recently happened at the family's home in Fenyuan, Taiwan.

One day after telling his son to stop playing video games, Liu found the young man's charred remains about 300 feet away from the home, along with some empty bottles of gasoline, noted the Daily Mail.

"I had simply said that he should sleep rather than play because university was starting again after the holidays," said Liu. "He said he would and that's the last time I saw him alive."

Hsueh was a student at the Chienkuo University of Technology where teachers and classmates were shocked upon hearing the tragic news.

"We are continuing our investigations but it seems that the pressure of his studies and finding a job after graduation may have been a factor and his father telling him to stop playing on the computer may have tipped him over the edge," said a local police spokesperson, reports

Sources: Daily Mail,
Image Credit: Gamesingear


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