Student To Professor: I Can't Come To Class Today Because It's Beyonce's Birthday

To honor the birthday of “the Goddess that is Queen Beyoncé Knowles-Carter,” one young woman sent an email to her professor saying she would be absent from class for the so-called religious holiday.

User @michonjanieceIV tweeted a screenshot of an email she sent to her professor early Thursday morning with “Excused Absence” in the subject line, according to BuzzFeed.

In the message, @michonjanieceIV says that she plans to miss class today because of Beyoncé’s birthday, which she calls a holiday and “the Lord’s Day.”

After tweeting the screenshot, the twitter user who attends Towson University said that she had not meant for her professor to receive the email, but she accidentally sent it off while trying to save it in her drafts folder.

After saying that she was making her decision “out of respect” in her email, the student told her professor to have a “blessed day” and ended with “Beyoncé Loves You So Bow Down.” In her tweet, she put the hashtag #HappyBirthdayBeyoncé.

If you can miss class because you were partying and getting drunk all night I can miss class for Beyoncé's birthday. pic.twitter.com/lCB00T6Glb

— Your Poundcake. (@michonjanieceIV) September 4, 2014

Source: BuzzFeed, Image Credit: NY Post


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