Steve Perry Leads San Francisco Giants Fans in Journey Song (Video)


Former Journey lead singer Steve Perry put in a surprise appearance at Game Three of the National League Divisional Championship between the San Francisco Giants and Washington Nationals on Monday.

During the seventh-inning stretch at AT&T Stadium, the Journey tune “Don’t Stop Believin" was played over the loudspeaker and Perry popped up on the jumbotron screen to lead the crowd in a singalong, noted (video below).

"Don’t Stop Believin" was the Giants' anthem during the 2010 World Series.

According to, Perry expressed his love for the Giants during a 2011 interview: “I can’t put into words what the Giants have done for me emotionally. It’s beyond words. In a lot of ways, they’ve saved me and they’ve gotten me back into music, to be perfectly honest with you. They touched me in a way that made me excited about music again.”

Unfortunately, Perry's crooning didn't help as the Nationals defeated the Giants 4-1, reports The Washington Post.

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