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"True Blood" Star Stephen Moyer Auctions Off Modesty Sock

Alexander Skarsgard made the modesty sock famous by plainly stating that he doesn’t wear one for his sex scenes on “True Blood.”

Stephen Moyer wears one, but now he’s auctioning it off for charity!

Alex and Stephen are currently competing in a “Battle Of The Fang,” which sees both stars donating the proceeds to the charities of their choice. We haven’t been told who is winning as of yet, but we’re sure that if Alex was auctioning off something he wore on the show, it would put him over the top. Maybe his fangs? HINT HINT.

As of this writing, bidding is currently at $1,400 with 114 bids. Which makes me wonder…what exactly is the winner going to do with the sock? Display it?

And of course, there is one problem with the auction:

Stephen did not say whether the sock had been used or not… we’re not asking.

Bid here if you’re so inclined. Auction closes in one day and 12 hours.

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