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Stephen Colbert Drinks Champagne to Celebrate IRS Scandal (Video)

On Monday night's "The Colbert Report,' the host drank champagne to celebrate the IRS scandal, which recently broke in the news. 

The IRS had targeted Tea Party groups and other 501-C4 right wing organizations with the word "patriots" in their names (video below), reported

“The IRS owes an apology to every Tea Party group in America,” said Colbert. “What’s next? Making GE pay taxes?”

Colbert played clips of various Republicans on Fox News claiming the story about the IRS was "chilling"

"Oh yes, it's chilling," agreed Colbert. "Which also describes the champagne I've been waiting to break out for just this scandal."

At that point, Colbert reached under his desk, brought out a champagne bottle, poured a glass and drank it.

“This proves that everything I’ve ever said about Obama is true,” claimed Colbert. “It’s official. He’s a secret Muslim, shape-shifting alien from Kenya, coming for our guns. And Bo is a member of the Illuminati.”

Colbert then explained how many 501-C4 organizations are supposed to "promote social welfare" (under IRS rules) and how Karl Rove's 501-C4 works to "promote social welfare" by proposing to eliminate welfare payments for poor people.

Sources: and Comedy Central


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