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Stephen Baldwin Sues Kevin Costner Over Oil Deal

Stephen Baldwin has filed a lawsuit against Kevin Costner for allegedly convincing him to sell his shares in an oil separating process company.

Stephen Baldwin claims he was tricked by actor Kevin Costner after investing in his oil filtration company.

Kevin Costner and his inventor brother helped with the BP oil spill this year with their oil-filtration system. The brothers sold 32 of the devices to BP through their company, Costner Industries Nevada Corporation.

But now Costner faces a lawsuit from Stephen Baldwin, who claims he was a 10 percent partner in the business.

Baldwin claims he was a 10 per cent partner in the invention with Costner, but they made it seem he had already sold his shares when he was still invested. He also claims the company said that there was no deal to sell the devices to BP.

Baldwin alleges he was tricked into selling his shares back to the company so Costner and his partners would score the $52 million deal.


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