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Stars Gagged with U.S. Flags for New CBS Show 'Hostages' (Video)

TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer struck gold with "CSI" and all of its spinoffs. Now, the television mogul is behind a new TV show to air on CBS called "Hostages."

According to Entertainment Weekly, the new fall series stars Toni Collette as a doctor whose family is taken hostage by an FBI agent gone bad, Dylan McDermott (video below).

The marketing art for the show features Collette and McDermott both gagged with American flags, which may or may not be making a political statement.

In the series, McDermott orders Collette to kill the president when she performs surgery on him.

McDermott also tells Collette's husband that he has proof of his adultery and forces him to push his wife into the assassination scheme.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


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