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Stacy Keibler Ups Her Fee, Since She’s Dating George Clooney

Stacy Keibler is said to be worth more now that she is dating serial dater, George Clooney.

The asking price for Keibler, a model and former World Wrestling Entertainment personality, to attend events has more than doubled from approximately $10,000 for personal appearances at events and parties to $25,000 according to the NY Post.

This means Keibler won’t leave her house for less than $25,000. Not a bad price to walk in, have a few photos taken, smile and leave.

Her appearance fees are higher because the event organizers hope George might show up, as well. An insider said that Keibler recently had agreed to a $10,000 hosting fee for an anniversary party — but following repeated appearances with Clooney on the red carpet, she came back to organizers demanding $25,000.

Not only is Keibler expensive, sources said she’s not even available, having been attached to Clooney’s hip during his press tours for his latest movie, “The Descendants.”

Who knew the benefits to dating George Clooney went beyond just looking at the gorgeous face every day?


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