"St. Elmo's Fire" Song Rewritten to Honor Tim Tebow

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Has Tim Tebow jumped the shark yet? He might have now, with the rewriting of a lame 1980s song in his honor.

John Parr shockingly earned a Grammy nomination for 1985's "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)," written for the movie of the same name. Parr hasn't done much since then, so he seized on the coincidence that "St. Elmo's fire" has the same amount of syllables as "Tim Tebow's fire." 

The New York Daily News reports that he rewrote the song, featuring the chorus:

All I needs my Broncos team

Take me where my future's lyin'

Tim Tebow's fire


And it goes on from there. Here's the slapped-together video:


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