Sports Illustrated Models Jarah Mariano and Genevieve Morton Play Ping Pong (Pictures)

A mere 10 days ago, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition came out, and now two of the ladies who were in that magazine wearing swimsuits have decided to go and play ping pong in cute matching outfits! And don't they look like they're having a great time, eh?

Jarah Mariano and Genevieve Morton went to SPiN ping pong club in New York to show off their ball skills. WHAT?! They're playing ping pong, you pervs. 

We wish we could play ping pong, but everyone at HM is fatally uncoordinated. Honestly, it would be carnage and there would definitely be a lot of crying.

Incidentally, Susan Sarandon owns SPiN, but is apparently not very good at ping pong. Interesting...


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