Secret of Mysterious New Harry Potter Website Revealed

JK Rowling reveals her secret about the elusive Pottermore Website tomorrow morning!But someone has beat her to the punch! FREEZE right here, don’t continue reading, if you simply must wait to hear the “super secret” announcement from Rowling  herself tomorrow morning.

All right, now I can continue. I simply had to drop that warning sign down for the hardcore fans who — unlike me — have a sense of patience when it comes to things involving their beloved boy wizard and his fantastic universe.

Recently, the UK Guardian reported that Rowling’s announcement will involve some sort of online game. Hmm? Interesting, right? That sounds exciting. And if reports are correct (and that is if Rowling and her team didn’t “plant” the story to throw us all off our game) it’s not going to be just any online game. It’s going to be a Potter-based treasure hunt!

The Guardian had this to say regarding the story that was either accidentally or purposefully leaked to them earlier:

“The new project is reportedly an online game that gives users clues which will lead them to prizes hidden in the real world. Aspiring wizards the world over can hope to find an undisclosed number of magic wands stashed throughout the UK and U.S., and possibly other countries. It is not yet clear if the treasure hunt is Pottermore itself or a marketing drive for another product, and details about the game remain hazy.”

Doesn’t that sound super fantastic? I know everyone was wanting another book, but let’s be honest with ourselves, we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. Remember, JK Rowling will be giving the final word on Pottermore this Thursday morning at a press conference held at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Don’t take our word for it! Be sure to check out what she has to say. She is, after all, the woman in charge.

Image Credit to: pottermore.com


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