Splitsville to Launch at HeroesCon 2012

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A new superhero title is about debut on the comic book scene and an ingenious twist is sure to make Splitsville, the three-issue limited series from ArenaComics, a must have for fans of the genre.  

According to the official press release for the book;

Stalwart is the world's only superhero and his arch-nemesis, Master Mayhem, the only super-villain. What neither knows, however, is that they are the same man- two halves of a split personality. But their devious sidekicks know the truth - and have made millions exploiting the situation.

In addition to the compelling storyline, the interior artwork is gorgeous and Arena Comics also takes a non-traditional approach by “adopting a European packaging style and aesthetic” and printing their books in hardcover. 

The team that brought this project to life – Ben Fisher (Writer), Kevin Stokes (Pencils), Adam Markiewicz (Inks) and Tony Washington (Colors) – has received excellent advanced reviews for their work and a special HeroesCon 30th Anniversary variant cover has been created, which is limited to 200 copies and is sure to sell out.

The regular edition will be solicited via Diamond Comic Distributors, in the months to come, and a preview is currently available online at;


Splitsville is the first title to be released by Arena, with more on the horizon, and the special variant cover will be available for purchase at HeroesCon 2012, which runs June 21-23 2012 in the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, NC.

For more information about the convention go to;



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