'Spice Girl' Geri Halwell Apologizes for Paying Tribute to Margaret Thatcher


In all the coverage of Geri Halliwell’s kneejerk eulogy to Thatcher, many people failed to notice that she later deleted her tweet – following a barrage of abuse. Likewise Rylan Clark retracted his initial Twitter tribute after his fans pointed out she oversaw Section 28, a legislation that effectively demonised homosexuality in schools. None of this troubled many One Directioners who were simply upset that one of Harry’s friends appeared to have died.

Geri, as you might expect, reacted to the news of Maggie’s death by repeating her infamous theory that Mrs. Thatch was the first Spice Girl.

“Thinking of our 1st Lady of girl power, Margaret Thatcher, a grocer’s daughter who taught me anything is possible…x”

But after Twitter made its democratic voice heard, this was replaced first with a simple “Hug” and then a well intentioned but clueless:

“I’m sorry if I offended u. X”

She then had to go to the dentist. Poor Geri. What a day.

X Factor star and practicing friend of Ginger Spice, Rylan Clark also received a Twitter tongue lashing after he described the dead old lady as a “legend”.

Having been informed of her views on gay people, amongst other crimes, Rylan wrote:

“Getting a bit of backlash about thatcher, maybe I’m not up on history???”

He has since added:

“Due to the death of Margaret Thatcher there will be no showbiz on tomorrow's @Daybreak , I will be back on the show in the coming weeks xxx”

HE GOT THE DAY OFF WORK! Every cloud and all that…

Harry Styles, failing to anticipate the jokes about his fondness for older women, was unrepentant in his praise for a woman whose policies lead to the collapse of the manufacturing industry in his birthplace of the West Midlands, simply wrote:

“RIP Baroness Thatcher. x.”

Amongst the many confused replies, this was the best…

“is he your friend”


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