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Spencer Pratt Apologizes to Heidi Montag for "Infantile Behavior"

Hold the phone! Does Spencer Pratt actually have a conscience?

No doubt with tongue firmly in cheek, Pratt tells People that he plans to do some “intense soul-searching” and consider “appropriate avenues for my issues.”

He adds: “Divorce can be a trying, draining, and emotionally devastating experience for all involved.

“Despite these hardships, most individuals manage to conduct themselves with dignity and maturity. I did not – I failed spectacularly.

“I horribly embarrassed the one person that meant the world to me. For my outrageous and infantile behaviour, I offer Heidi my most sincere apologies.”

I guess he’s talking about the non-existent sex tape.

“Over the years, her love, support, and friendship were always given, but never properly cherished. I let her down,” he says. “She never deserved the pain and anguish I put her through, and although I don’t expect it, I hope in time she’ll be able to forgive me.”

The reality star adds,“Even though our relationship has changed, I will always count her among my best friends.”

I smell a rat.Not buying Pratt’s mea culpa for one cotton-picking minute, and neither should Montag.

Speidi’s divorce will be final on February 14, 2011.


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