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Reality Star Spencer Pratt Pulls Gun On Friend

Spencer Pratt is seriously nuts. In March, the reality star turned psycho ordered a ton of food from a nearby grocery store, but when it wasn’t delivered on time, he flipped his lid.

We’ve all seen these photos showing Spencer as a gun wielding Rambo dude, but this just takes the cake.

Apparently, he and wife Heidi Montag ordered some food, but when it arrived a little late, Spencer pointed a gun at the delivery guy, who is a friend of theirs. A snitch said, “Spencer and Heidi ordered one thousand dollars in just munchies from Gelsons Market and had it delivered to their house. One time they asked me to go pick up food for them and I was an hour late getting it back to their house. Spencer unleashed on me. He pulled a Glock on me at the door and called me a loser and a charity case. He started talking like a gangster and threatening me. He was out of control. That was back in March and it was the last time I spoke to him.”

The source also reveals that Heidi is a brain dead robot, who couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Tell us something we don’t know, right?

The spy added, “Heidi just stood by during most of Spencer’s explosive tantrums. She’s a really nice girl but definitely brainwashed. She couldn’t do anything without Spencer. They don’t talk to their families. We were surprised she was even able to get away from him.”

Spencer needs to be straight-jacketed and put on some happy meds for this crap. What is wrong with this guy? You don’t pull a gun on your friends, that’s just insane. If I were this “friend”, I would’ve called the cops and then we could’ve been writing a “Spencer Pratt goes to jail” headline. Some part of me still says that Spencer is releasing these little quotes just so we think he’s bonkers. It’s all for the publicity, baby. 

source: EXCLUSIVE: Spencer Pulled A Gun On Me, Says Former Friend - [radar online]

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