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Special Force Gun Battle: Top 50 iPhone Puzzle Game is Now Free

Described as “a thoroughly addictive hybrid that combines the awesomeness of FPS guns with the mental challenge of fast-paced puzzle games,” Mobicle’s Special Force Gun Battle has already carved a niche for itself in the iTunes App Store. iOS game lovers have fallen in love with this adrenaline pumping puzzler, and now Mobicle and developer Innoace are offering Special Force Gun Battle free for a limited time only.

Players test their puzzler know-how by reassembling their favorite firearms. Many of the weapons in Special Forces: Gun Battle have starred in popular FPS games. From the Aug Steryr to the AK-47, Special Forces: Gun Battle is designed to engage gun enthusiasts and puzzlers alike. raves “Everything about the guns are real and well detailed making the experience of assembling a gun lifelike and exciting.” agrees, saying “Gun Battle certainly doesn’t disappoint in this department.”’

When players take advantage of this limited-time only free-for-the-taking deal, they’ll get the opportunity to experience Special Forces: Gun Battle’s multiplayer mode. Thousands of online players matched by rank and experience takes this game from intriguing to addictive in a heartbeat. predicts “This is one of those games I can almost guarantee will become a leaderboard favorite.” Called “quick to learn and fun to play,” by and at 4½ out of 5 stars on iTunes with positive reviews, Gun Battle is already off to a good start. If its entertainment potential and multiplayer appeal spread like wildfire--and according to the reviews below, it certainly will--Special Force Gun Battle is going to take iTunes by storm and this promotion will only speed up the process.


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