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South African TV Reporter Mugged On Camera (Video)

SABC news reporter Vuyo Mvoko was mugged while preparing to give a live report from Johannesburg, South Africa, on March 10.

Mvoko was about to inform viewers about Zambia President Edgar Lungu's visit to a local hospital for tests when two unidentified men approached him, noted the BBC (video below).

Mvoko later appeared on a SABC newscast where he recalled the mugging (video below).

"I mean it was literally seconds before going on air for the seven o'clock bulletin, I had just done one for six," Mvoko said.

Mvoko stated that he refused to give up his cellphone and the men got more aggressive.

"Because I wasn't giving him the phone, he then calls the other one who has a gun and said, 'Dubula le nja' (Shoot this dog), something like that," Mvoko added.

One of Mvoko's TV crew members convinced him to give up his cellphone for safety.

The thieves also took other cellphones and a laptop computer from the news crew, which called the police and showed the video.

Sources: BBC, SABC
Image Credit: SABC Screenshot


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