Sources Say Britney Spears Never Abused Children

Sources tell People magazine that, contrary to her former bodyguard's claims, Britney Spears has never abused her children. Fernando Flores, who quit working for Spears earlier this month, alleged that Spears made him give her his belt so she could beat her sons, Sean Preston, 4, and Jayden James, 3. He also claims she gave her children shellfish, to which they're allergic.

The source told People, "It's ridiculous what [Flores] is claiming. It never happened. Britney [does] quite the opposite – she doesn't discipline them enough and she will do anything to keep the boys happy. There are issues with Britney, but her abusing the boys [is] not one of them.

Gossip web site RadarOnline reported that social workers from the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services visited Spears' house. However, this doesn't mean anything actually happened - each time someone reports possible child abuse to the DCFS, they're required by law to check up on the children involved.

Another source said, "Britney has done nothing but be a great mom to her kids."

Flores has also alleged that Spears made him uncomfortable by parading around her house naked and acting seductively toward him. He is considering legal action against the singer.


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