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Soul's Matthew Philips to Sing for Boxing's David Haye and Nigel Benn

UK Soul & Motown legend Matthew Philips is about to embark on one of the most important gigs of his life - performing for boxing champion David Haye and ex-heavyweight Nigel Benn.

Aside from the fact that Matthew won’t want to get on the wrong side the current WBA Heavyweight champion of the world (a bloody nose is not the ideal outcome) Matthew knows what an honor it is to have been asked to perform for both David and Nigel:

“I’m really looking forward to both of them; David Haye is the current champion so it’s going to be great meeting him and listening to his story. It’s a bit different as the other nights are normally with boxers from the past and have a finished story to tell. With David Haye he has so much to still do so it will be interesting to listen to what he says and follow his career.

Nigel Benn was a child hood hero of mine along with the likes of Frank Bruno. I used to love watching his fights and the way he show boated in and out ofthe ring. His legendary fights with Chris Eubank are the ones I remember the most. The night with Nigel Benn is in a much less formal setting and I’m hoping to catch a few words with him and performing in front of them. Getting approval from such legends is always rewarding.”

…We don’t think Matt’s got much to worry about - it was only a few weeks ago that he stunned Mike Tyson with his powerful voice and wowed the audience at the Mike Tyson charity night…we think if you can impress Tyson, Haye & Benn’s a snitch (we hope - for Matt’s sake!)

The press surrounding Matt has gone crazy in the UK with numerous newspaper,magazine, radio and TV appearances - he even has his own monthly column too! Not bad for a performer who only found his ‘voice’ a few years ago!

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