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Sophia Grace and Rosie Sing Again on 'The Ellen Show' (Video)

Sophia Grace and Rosie, the two cuties discovered by Ellen DeGeneres, returned to The Ellen Showfor the first time in 2013 to perform a Taylor Swift song.

Sophia Grace and Rosie Appear on The Ellen Show

The girls became so popular from their appearances on The Ellen Show they have their own book, Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie.  The book is personal for the girls as they made special requests to be added to the book.  For Sophia she wanted her cat to appear on every page, while for Rosie her only request was to have two beds together for her and Sophia Grace to sleep in the same room.

After promoting the book, the girls sang Swift’s, I Knew You Were Trouble, singing and dancing to the audience’s delight.  The girls were then presented with every possible Play-Doh available and a huge Play-Doh cake.

Sophia and Rosie are so popular Ellen sent them to the Grammy Awards last year.


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