Sony’s PS Vita Should Breathe New Life Into Portable Business


So after watching the SonyE3 Press Conference on Monday June 6th and seeing the full reveal of the PlayStation Vita, I have a sense of renewed hope in the life of PlayStation’s portable future. Vita takes what was good about the PlayStation Portable, gets rid of what didn’t work, and changes the portable gaming industry by adding in features gamers have been clamoring for since the debut of tablets.

Taking the pluses from tablets and using their expertise in gaming, it would seem that Sony finally caught onto something good. If they hoped to give Nintendo a run for their money in this industry, trying to take on the juggernaut that the DS is, they needed something to come completely from left field and just wow the hell out of everyone at the conference. I believe they were able to do that.

Several utilities and features on the PS Vita go far and beyond what Nintendo seems to have had in mind. The ability to cross platform games and game saves between the Vita and the PS3, the full touch screen controls they have added to the handheld, as well as the back touch screen, and the ability to switch play styles on the fly between traditional controls, tilt Sixaxis features and touch screen commands seems that every type of gamer was considered when the Vita was designed. And Sony did all this without sacrificing the graphics on the PS Vita - which look absolutely stunning.

Just looking at the demonstrations for the games they had at the press conference, especially Uncharted: Golden Abyss, made me tear u with joy. I mean, the level of visual sexiness that just popped out from that powerful display screen simply caught me by surprise. I knew that HD display would be a feature on the PS Vita, but I never thought it would to the extent that it was at. The display rivals that of some of the most advanced television sets out on the market right now.

Still, Nintendo is no slouch, and they are well equipped to take Sony on.

Even though I feel that the 3DS is something of a disappointment, it is still part of the DS line and is more than capable of standing up to this new technological challenger to their title strap. With a loyal fan base that has been building for well over two decades, Nintendo’s handhelds, the 3DS included are still top in the rankings and will not let go of that position lightly. Rest assured that Nintendo has something ready in the wings to try and combat this new threat. Possibly a price drop for the system. But Sony seems ready now. And fans of the company can only hope that this time they are really ready for the fight to come.

Sony looks like they have come ready for a fight with Nintendo. A fight that they have previously lost. But Sony went back to the training room and while they may have gone in as a welterweight before their E3 press conference, they seem to have come out as a full blown heavyweight, ready for the championship bout - something they should have done when they first released the PSP. Honestly, had Sony waited to enter the handheld market until now and not released the PSP, it would have spelled better odds for their handheld future.

But now, even with this renewed vigor that they are bringing to the market, they are still in for one hell of a fight. But with their renewed focus and zeal, there may still be life in this contender to tae the fight the distance.


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