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Sony To Edit Seth Rogen-James Franco Comedy After North Korea Bristles (Video)

Sony Pictures has agreed to alter the new Seth Rogen-James Franco buddy comedy “The Interview” after North Korea objected to its depiction of Kim Jong Un.

The movie is about a pair of journalists recruited by the CIA to assassinate the North Korean dictator.

The studio will digitally alter thousands of buttons worn in the film, which are replicas of real buttons worn by North Korean military in honor of Kim Jong Un, 31, and his deceased father Kim Jong Il, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The nation reportedly considers the depiction of military decorations as blashphemous.

An unofficial North Korean spokesperson has asked President Barack Obama to prevent the movie from being released.

The release of the film was pushed from October to a prime Christmas day release.

The studio, owned by Japan’s Sony Corp., claims none of the film alterations are being done over political fallout. A source told the Hollywood Reporter that the buttons are a hardware “clearance issue” because they involve a living person.

Filmmakers are also considering cutting a scene in which Kim Jong Un’s face is slowly melted off. The source said this is because it may not be funny – not because Pyongyang finds it offensive.

The movie has been criticized by Pyongyang, who says it "shows the desperation of the U.S. government and American society." Directors Evan Goldberg and Rogen are actually Canadian.

Sources: Daily Mail, Hollywood Reporter

Image screenshot: YouTube / Sony Pictures Entertainment, Ed Araquel/CTMG, Inc.


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