Songwriter Accused of Sex Crimes Kills Self


Joseph Brooks, the Oscar-winning songwriter of the popular song “You Light Up My Life” was found dead in his New York apartment on Sunday.

Joseph Brooks, 73, was found dead in his Manhattan Upper East Side apartment at around noon by a friend today.

The composer had a plastic bag wrapped around his head with a helium tank and hose that may have been used in his suicide.

Police revealed Brooks left a suicide note but would not give any details on its contents.

Joseph Brooks was awaiting trial after pleading not guilty in 2009 to charges he raped and sexually abused over 11 women.

Joseph, a director and screenwriter as well as a composer, tricked aspiring actresses into coming to his apartment, pretending they were auditioning for a movie role.

Most women claimed they responded to a posting Brooks placed on Craigslist, flying to New York from all over the country at his expense.

He received an Academy Award in 1977 for writing the ballad “You Light Up My Life,” which Debby Boone performed.

Brooks’ son Nicholas was charged with second-degree murder in December after his former girlfriend, Sylvie Cachay was found dead in a bathtub at a luxury hotel in New York.


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