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For Some Reason, SNL Didn't Run This Ferguson Skit On Saturday Night (Video)

The SNL cast poked fun last week at what an incredibly awkward time it must be for feel-good news anchors in St. Louis right now. 

For the skit, which never made it onto live TV due to "time constraints," Keenan Thompson and Cecily Strong are featured as anchors for a happy-go-lucky morning news show in St. Louis.

The show, Rise and Smile, is all about fun breakfast ideas and entertaining segments to put people in a good mood to start their days. Problem is, it’s hard to deliver cheery news when your city is burning all around you.

The segment starts with Thompson asking Cecily how her weekend was.

“Spent it holding a fire place poker and protecting my property, so why don’t we skip the chit-chat and talk about some weekend events,” she replies.

It only goes downhill from there. Check it out:

Sources: YouTube, Gawker / Photo: Screenshot


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