Some Americans Believe 'Godzilla' Movie is Based on True Story (Video)

The latest movie version of "Godzilla" banked $93 million over its opening weekend. In response, the late night talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" asked people in Los Angeles a bizarre question.

According to Towleroad.com, Kimmel's staff asked folks if Hollywood should have made a movie based on the true story of a giant lizard attack on Tokyo in 1954 that killed 100,000 people (video below).

"I will admit, not too many people bit on this one," said Kimmel, noted EOnline.com. "But some of them did. A few of them actually did believe that Godzilla happened."

"There are the people who passed away during that time," said one young woman. "It's kinda like they're glamorizing their deaths. Instead of making a really cool action movie, it's more-so kinda of disrespectful to the people who died and their families."

Another woman added, "It's a travesty and it portrays that sadness, loss. Hollywood glamorizes a lot of things that it shouldn't. Because what really happened wasn't properly portrayed and could disrespect some folks out there."

The show's staff asked another women if she supported Congress allocating $600 million dollars towards "anti-reptile capabilities."

The woman answered, "Yes. Anything we can do to protect our nation we gotta do."

Sources: EOnline.com and Towleroad.com


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