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Sofia Vergara Helps Woman Who Passed Out

You thought Sofia Vergara was nothing more than two tits and an ass? Oh no. She's a much more complex woman than that. She has a heart dammit. And she goes out of her way to help those less fortunate than her. Like alcoholics. Via Contact Music:

Actress Sofia Vergara became a heroine on New Year's Eve after she and her medic cousin rushed to revive a reveler who had passed out in a casino. The sexy Latina star and her entourage were leaving the club Hyde in Las Vegas when they spotted a woman tumble over in front of them.

Vergara recalls, "It was horrible... so I went running with the high heels and the champagne... My cousin, she's a doctor, so I was screaming for her in case it (was) something that was really bad... We realized that it was... (she was) drunk... We just stayed with her until the paramedics came and took over."

Gorgeous. Talented. Selfless. Sofia Vergara is a giver, not only of erections, but of life and safety. What other A-lister would do such a thing? Mel Gibson? Not if you're Jewish. Angelina Jolie might, depending on who's covering it. Even Meryl Streep once kicked a girl scout in the cervix over a box of cookies (although some would argue that those cookies are worth it). So for all of you who are insanely jealous of further Congressional Medal of Honor winning Sofia, you should be . . . you should be.


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