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Sofia Vergara has Baby on 'Modern Family'

Sofia Vergara, or rather Gloria, has given birth on Modern Family to a beautiful, bouncing baby boy.

Of course, having the baby wasn’t without incident since Gloria was trying not to ruin her other son’s surprise birthday party, and tried to keep the baby in as long as possible.  While having a baby is often met with joy, Vergara has admitted she isn’t looking forward to having a baby on set.

Having a baby on set just means more work.  Sofia spoke with Katie Couric and stated,

It’s going to change for me, because then, actually my hours of shooting with Ed and Rico [Rodriguez], they’re very fast, because we come prepared, she continued, ’We do it fast – Ed is very professional, and Rico too, he’s like an adult. And now, with a baby, it’s going to be double because they cry, and then, ‘Bring the other one, bring the new one, the diaper’ – so we’re dreading it.’

While Vergara may not be looking forward to having a baby on set, something tells me the addition of the newest cast member will just add to the laughs.

If you missed the episode we have the complete recap here!


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