Social Media Users Slam Sexist Jeopardy Category

The popular TV game show Jeopardy was deemed as sexist recently after it aired on Monday night with a “What Women Want” category.

Answers in the category included well-fitting jeans, help around the house and hot tea.

Actress Sophia Bush, along with a number of other Twitter and Facebook users, expressed their disappointment with the show after it aired.

“For a ‘smart’ show, you just got srsly stupid,” Bush tweeted.

Other users suggested that the creators of Jeopardy watch Emma Watson’s recent UN speech and noted their embarrassment for Alex Trebek.

“Hey Jeopardy that ‘What Women Want’ category was straight up sexist,” Jen McCreary tweeted. “A vacuum? Tea? Really? How about equal pay instead.”

Trebek himself has faced criticism in the past for making racist comments on the show. The game show host has also been chastised for declining to shake the hands of non-Caucasian winners.

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Sources: Fox News, Business 2 Community


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