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'So You Think You Can Dance' Winner Melanie Moore Waltzes Away With $250K

When 19-year-old Melanie Moore won the So You Think You Can Dance contest Thursday night, she didn't have a chance to say much; she just smiled, cried and said “thanks.” However, in an after-show interview with People, Moore said, "I was ready to take second [place] very graciously. In my head I really thought Sasha (Mallory) was going to win. Just being up there and being named one of the final two I was like, 'Wait, is this really happening?' I just started crying."

In a statement released by Fox, Moore added “Winning means the world to me. It is such a major steppingstone, and I have learned so much through this experience. I have so much more to learn, and I have decided that I want to go back to school for dance.”

The teen dancer from Marietta, Ga. won $250,000, a cover story on Dance Spirit magazine and an appearance in a Gatorade ad. She also got a hug from host Cat Deeley.

So what are her future plans?

She told People, "I am going to hopefully go back to school. I'm really looking forward to spending time with my boyfriend. I haven't really got to see him very much. I got to see him and give him a really quick kiss and then ran out here."

There is also a 32-city So You Think You Can Dance tour that starts Sept. 17 in Orlando. Once the  tour is finished, Moore is "really excited to just hang out and then I'll get really bored and have to go do stuff again."


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