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Why Wasn’t Paris Hilton at Nicole Richie’s Wedding?

Paris Hilton wasn’t at Nicole Richie’s wedding to Joel Madden at the weekend. Among the 130 guests were Quincy Jones, Gwen Stefani, Samantha Ronson, Khloe Kardashian, an elephant called Thai…but no Hilton.

And there is a lot of speculation out there as to the where’s, why’s and wherefores.

Team Hilton told E! News: She was invited, but she had another commitment.

Hilton had to hot foot it to Vegas to continue shooting her Oxygen reality series where one of her castmates was celebrating her birthday (co-star Brooke Mueller was nowhere in sight).

This was planned months ago,the source continued. Paris sent Nicole and Joel a wedding gift to congratulate them and wishes them both the best.”

I wonder what the wedding gift was – a pink toaster?

On the day of the wedding Hilton also tweeted: Good morning everyone! Off to Vegas for my BFF @CamRaFace’s Birthday!” She continued, Huge! Loves it!

Over at Camp Richie, the reason given to PopEater was different. A source said Nicole is in a very different place in her life from when she was hanging out with Hilton. She’s the mother of two and now a wife, while Hilton seems to be in exactly the same spot she was in five years ago. Still partying in Vegas and getting into trouble with the law.”

And what put the final nail in the coffin? Apparently Hilton’s August arrest for cocaine possession. I would have thought it was Hilton’s Pink Bentley. Now that is a crime against cars.


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