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Snow Plow Buries Car With Snow (Video)

While the Northeast part of the U.S. is reeling from near-record amounts of snowfall, other parts of the world are also getting buried in powder.

A motorist in Kazakhstan recently filmed a snow plow blowing snow from the opposite side of a highway onto his car, which seemed to defeat the whole purpose of clearing the road, noted the New York Daily News (video below).

Back in the U.S., Jim Cantore, who reports for the Weather Channel, expressed his excitement over “thundersnow” in Boston, which has experienced almost 100 inches of snow this winter (video below).

According to Gawker, Cantore heard the clap of “thundersnow” six times during a recent night. Fortunately, the Weather Channel captured each occurrence.

Sources: New York Daily News, Gawker
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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