Snoop Dogg Blasted for Promoting Booze Targeted to Kids


A new alcoholic beverage being promoted by Snoop Dogg is causing all kinds of fuss, and doesn’t even go on sale until next month.

The drink in question is called ‘Blast, by Colt 45‘ and comes in 4 yummy fruit flavors. I can’t wait to try it!

Blast comes in the flavors blueberry pomegranate, strawberry lemonade, grape, & raspberry watermelon.

But don’t get too excited kids, apparently there are people already trying to get the product banned, claiming ‘Blast, along with similar drinks, is specifically targeted to younger people’.

This claim is preposterous. While I will admit that the drink is not marketed towards 50 year old men, ‘younger people’ could imply 21-35 year olds. All of whom are above the current U.S. drinking age.

And besides, causing all this hub-bub about a product that hasn’t even hit the market yet, is almost like enticing people to try it. Typical rebellious behavior… Say we can’t have it, and we want it more!

Blast is being compared to Four Loko, which is an alcoholic beverage which also contains caffeine. Four Loko made headlines last October when 9 college students got alcohol poisoning from drinking the stuff.

9 COLLEGE students… cuz college students NEVER drink, right? Hmm… and 9 people out of HOW many in the U.S.?

And furthermore, why do people feel the need to bring poor Snoop into this? Probably because without using his name, this story would get absolutely ZERO press coverage. I know we would have ignored it otherwise…

Come on, this is ridiculous!


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