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Snooki’s Pregnancy May End 'Jersey Shore'

Oh the horror! MTV may cancel Jersey Shore and the reason could be because of Snooki's recently announced pregnancy. The very popular show is in its 5th season and there is nothing in place securing the future of season 6 because MTV doesn't know how to proceed in light of the pregnancy news. It seems Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) is the main reason the show is watched. Matthew Whitfield, Yahoo! Entertainment's features editor explains:

Snooki’s pregnancy will likely spell the end for 'Jersey Shore.' The smash hit is built on getting smashed and the cast’s drunken shenanigans – falling, fighting, and flashing one’s nether regions – that result from binge drinking. Snooki. ‘Jersey Shore’ sans an intoxicated Snooki isn’t worth watching," "The show could survive without The Situation or Vinny, but it’s doomed without her wild antics.” 

Newsday television writer Verne Gay echoes those sentiments:

“It is a cast and casts gel and no one knows why they work and there is no science to it. I can’t see the show without her is all I have to say. She is so important and so crucial,” said Newsday television writer Verne Gay. “You can't be a drunk pregnant woman on a television show. It would be catastrophic on so many levels. They may find some way to go forward, but fans won’t like it.”

She is currently filming a spin-off of Jersey Shore with fellow star JWOWW and there are no plans to scrap that show because it will focus on her new life.

Who would have thought that little pickle loving girl would have all that power? Good for her! Not so good for The Situation and the others.


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