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Thank God: Snooki Won't be in New Year's Eve Ball

I guess the gods finally heard my pleas? Authorities involved with Times Square‘s New Years celebration put the kibosh on MTV‘s plan to drop portly Jersey Shore cast-mate Snooki inside a glass ball as part of their countdown.

Not only did Snooki herself get banned from being at Times Square on New Year’s Eve, but apparently MTV forfeited their place as well.

PopEater reports:

‘Jersey Shore’ star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is looking for another way to ring in the New Year now that her plan to spend the festivities in a glass ball (think hamster toy) has been banned from the Times Square area on Dec. 31, sources reveal.

“No way would they allow this to take place. MTV rents a position in the Square that night like every other media outlet. You can’t get access to the Square without an official credential. You have to play by the official rules or you get kicked out, which is exactly what has happened to MTV and Snooki.”

The officials are probably just worried that with all the added weight it could cause the ball to fall to the ground, shatter and injure innocent bystanders.



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