Skateboarder Jumps Subway Tracks in New York City (Video)


Skateboarder Koki jumped the subway tracks at the 145th Street stop in New York City back in March as part of a documentary film "Tengu: God of Mischief" by director Colin Read.

"We waited till about 5 a.m. to get this trick, but it was worth it," Read wrote on his blog. "I wasn't sure Koki was going to do it when we went down, but after a few run ups he landed it first try."

In a trailer (video below) for the film, Koki actually falls while trying to do the jump at the 24 second mark, notes

It should be noted that Koki was jumping toward the electrified third rail, making the attempt life-threatening and highly illegal.

"People online have been saying he should've come from the other side, so he wasn't going toward the third rail, but it would have been impossible," photographer Allen Ying told New York Magazine. "We had scouted the subway pretty well. This spot is probably the only one where that was doable."

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