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Police Investigate Cast of TLC' "Sister Wives" for Bigamy

So, did you watch the first episode of "Sister Wives?" I did and I have to say that Kody Brown is an ass, but I will keep watching it. I mean, the guy did not grow up Mormon; he picked a religion which would allow him to have sex with multiple women. I sure hope that TLC has the entire first season shot already, because the police in Lehi, Utah, are investigating the family for a possible charge of felony bigamy.

Apparently, these types of relationships are rarely looked at by police, but because the whole thing has been publicized and people all over the world are watching, the police actually have to look like they want to keep a tight rein on bigamy. There is only one legal wife on the show, so I don't know how there could be bigamy. All of the rest of the women Kody lives with are legally just his girlfriends. That, of course, means they have no rights, but that is probably how Kody wants it.


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