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"Sister Wives" Show on TLC: Reality-TV Version of "Big Love"

Have you seen the previews from the show Sister Wives on TLC? It is like Big Love turned into reality television. I had pretty much given up on many TLC shows, but I have a feeling I will probably watch all of these. In the first five minutes, TLC answers the question we all have. How does the sex work? Well, apparently the "husband" is on a rotating schedule with all of his "wives." He is only legally married to one woman, but the entire family and 13 kids live in one house. When asked about whether there is anything kinky going on, the legal wife, Meri, says, "Christine and Janelle and I each have our own bedrooms, and Kody is welcome in each of those bedrooms. Alone. That's just how it is, we don't go weird."

Uh huh. Yeah, don't go weird or anything. Because the family seems so happy, TLC had to do something to make us want to watch, so the drama for the season will be that Kody has found a new woman he wants to be his wife too. She is 30, and the other wives think the new wife is a trophy wife, and they are jealous.

This show is crazy, but I must watch.


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