Singer Pink: Parents Should "Beat the Crap" Out of Kids


It's probably a good thing Pink doesn't have any children. In the singer's own words, her likely parenting style sounds unpleasant at best, illegal at worst. She said parents should be able to "beat the crap" out of their children.

Pink sat down for a chat with "Access Hollywood" and started talking about her own difficult childhood -- most of it by her own doing.

Her parents divorced when she was seven-years-old. Two years later she said she started smoking, and by her early teens was regularly taking LSD and ecstasy.

When asked if her father spanked her, Pink said, "Oh, he put me through a wall, it's the only reason I'm still here, it's the only reason I'm still alive."

She said today's parents need to deal with problem children in the same way. "I think parents need to beat the crap out of their kids. I think the whole spanking thing and how it's all gotten PC is just for the birds."

Pink's parents gave up on her when she was 15 and tossed her out of the house. "I deserved it, I would have kicked me out when I was eight," she said. "I was not comfortable with authority or rules, I was bad."

The 31-year-old star said she has cleaned up her act, and no longer parties or uses drugs. "I did all the crashing and burning early, I got that out of the way and thank God ‘cause I didn’t have to do what poor Lindsay Lohan is doing or any of the others where everyone is watching me screw up.”

Even still, it's unlikely any "Mother of the Year" nominations are coming her way.


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