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Singer Patti LaBelle Pays $100K for Screaming at Roseanna Monk and Her Toddler

Singer Patti LaBelle has agreed to pay $100,000 for a profane temper tantrum that she reportedly directed towards a pregnant mom and her little girl in the lobby of a Manhattan apartment building.

LaBelle allegedly shouted the f-word, called mom Roseanna Monk a “c*nt” and soaked her with bottled water after complaining that Monk’s 18-month-old daughter was playing near the lobby door of an apartment building where LaBelle was staying in 2010, reports the New York Post.

When Roseanna accused LaBelle of making the girl hysterical, LaBelle allegedly had to be restrained by her entourage.

Roseanna's lawyer, Sam Davis, said LaBelle opted to settle the case, rather than face the small little girl in court: “That mean woman over there, with the 300-pound bodyguard, was yelling at her. The jury would be shaking their heads.”

Roseanna said all the settlement money will be donated to the Hope & Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund: “This is an opportunity for Patti LaBelle to help a lot of children, and I feel good about that."


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