'The Simpsons' and 'Family Guy' Meet in Crossover Episode (Video)


Fox TV previewed a crossover episode of "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy" at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend.

The newly-released preview (video below) shows the Griffin family accidentally arriving in Springfield, Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin debating their favorite beers, and Stewie Griffin and Bart Simpson making a crank phone call, among other hijinks.

According to Mediaite.com, this historic episode will air on Sept. 28., and there will also be a crossover episode with "Futurama" and "The Simpsons" airing in November.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the "Family Guy" will mock Jesus again this season, and director Peter Shin discussed a possible feature film based on the animated series at Comic-Con.

“We kind of started... pre-work on it a couple years back, but I think it’s on hold right now because Seth is filming 'Ted 2,' but I think maybe in the future it might happen,” Shin said.

“Someday we will make that happen,” executive producer Steve Callaghan stated.

Sources: Entertainment WeeklyMediaite.com


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