Is Simon Cowell a Threat to Britney Spears and Jason Trawick’s Relationship?


Britney Spears is in talks with Simon Cowell to be a judge on X Factor and it's looking like it's very, very close to being a reality. He's pretty pumped to have her and she wants on the show. And she has a big-ass crush on the British bachelor. And of course this just makes for awesome headlines and suggestions that he poses a threat to her relationship with fiance Jason Trawick. The National Enquirer is latching on to it like a pitbull claiming:

“Britney is so star struck by Simon she was willing to sign for a lot less than her management team was hold­ing out for,” said a source. “And now that he’s unattached, anything could happen.”

“Jason is a bit jealous of Simon’s babe magnet reputation,” the source revealed. “And he knows Britney has a thing for Simon.

“Jason plans on sticking close to Britney if she does the show. He knows she is easily smitten, and that Simon can really turn on the charm. He just wants to make sure Britney doesn’t get carried away.”

The article claims she is willing to sign for less than $10 million just to get on the show and that Jason is insisting on around the $15 million figure. In addition to that her management team is making sure there is a 'no bullying' clause in her contract so that Simon can't be mean to her. Despite her raging crush on him she knows what he's capable of.

Despite Simon's lothario image, and Britney's crush on him, I just can't see these two getting involved. Jason is perfect for her and she knows it!


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